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Computational Skills in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy


This course aims to introduce students to relevant computational methods in the technical and physics aspects of medical imaging and radiation therapy research. It covers the basics of MATLAB for data and image analysis, introduction to Monte Carlo techniques, and application of computing skills in medical imaging and radiotherapy research. The aim is to provide the students with a general understanding of related computational methods so that these can be expanded and applied in practice during their research candidature.


To provide the students with a general understanding of related computational methods so that these can be expanded and applied in practice during their research candidature.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course student will be able to:

1. Explain relevant computational skills in medical imaging and radiation therapy
2. Identify the data analysis and image processing methods for medical imaging and radiation therapy
3. Explore Monte Carlo simulation application in medical imaging and radiation therapy

The topics will be covered in this module

- Introduction

- Introduction to MATLAB for data analysis and presentation

- Introduction to image analysis and advanced computational method

- Introduction to Monte Carlo

- Continuous learning


MYR 350per module

Non USM (Local)

MYR 450per module

Non USM (International)

USD 200per module

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Expertise : Medical Physics, CMOS Image Sensor, Image Guided Radiotherapy

Hafiz obtained  his  PhD from  the  Joint  Physics  Department,  Institute  of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, UK. During his PhD,  he  was  involved  in  developing  prototype  CMOS  image  sensors  for real-time  radiotherapy treatment verification that was funded by the EPSRC  UK.In  2012,  he joined the Advanced  Medical & Dental Institute (AMDI) of USM as Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics. He was appointed as the Deputy Director (Academic & International) of AMDIfrom1 Jan 2019 to  31  Dec  2021. He  also contributed to the  Oncology and  Radiotherapy Unit of the institute and established the quality assurance programme for the  Image  GuidedIntensity  Modulated  Radiotherapy  (IG-IMRT) clinical serviceat the institute.He teaches various courses on radiation physics, medical  imaging  and  radiation  therapy  for  the  undergraduate and postgraduate programmesin  USM. His  research  interest  is to  improve targeted  radiotherapy  treatment  of  cancer  using  optimised  image guidance  modalities  and  real-time  treatment  delivery  tracking.  He  has successfullycompleted two nationalresearch grants in the areasand has mentoredover  25undergraduate  and  postgraduate  students’  research dissertationsand  clinical  training  in  radiotherapy  physics.  He  has  also received  innovation  awards andauthored peer-reviewedpapers  in advanced radiotherapy treatment verification and radiation dosimetry in international and local journals, and contributed as reviewer for journals in  the  field. He  is a  member  of  the  Institute  of  Physics  UK  (MInstP), Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine UK (MIPEM), Malaysian Association of Medical Physicsand Institut Fizik Malaysia (MIFM).


Expertise : Medical Physics

Rafidah Zainon is an Associate  Professor at  the Advanced Medical and Dental   Institute(AMDI),   Universiti   Sains   Malaysiaand   Head of the Biomedical  Imaging  Department.  She  received  her  Ph.D  in  Medical Physics from University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Herexpertise is in medical physics. Her research interests focus on optimisation ofimage quality,radiation  dosimetry and radiation protection  in  diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine. She is now coordinating theMOOC and Micro   credentialCourses development at AMDI   USMfor   lifelong learners and students. She has also developed MOOC, Microcredential Courses   and other e-learning   courses. She   has   been   involved   in teachingphysics  course  for  Master  of  Medicine  of  Nuclear  Medicine and  Master  of  Medicine Radiology  programme.  She is  also  a  member of national andinternational medical physics professional community.


Expertise : Medical Physics, Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulation

Dr Ying Chee Keat is currently a senior lecturer and researcher in Department of Biomedical Imaging, Advanced Medical & Dental Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His research interest includes charged particle therapy, Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation on radiation transport and radiotherapy. He is working closely with the researchers and Geant4 experts in Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP), University of Wollongong, Australia and Osaka University, Japan. He is a member of Malaysia Association of Medical Physics (MAMP) and the Institute of Physics Malaysia (IFM), a research fellow from Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS), USM.