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Systematic Review


A systematic review is a research method used to summarize and analyze existing literature on a specific topic. It aims to provide a comprehensive and unbiased synthesis of all relevant studies in order to answer a specific research question. Systematic reviews are commonly used in various disciplines, including healthcare, social sciences, and education, to inform evidence-based decision-making and policy development. By the end of the course, students will have a foundation in the principles and practices of systematic reviews. They will be equipped with the skills needed to conduct systematic reviews independently and would be able to produce at least one manuscript ready for publication.


Learning Outcome

At the end of the course student will be able to:

1. describe the systematic review 

2. understand the systematic review process

3. to acquire the proficiency needed to successfully complete a systematic review and generate a manuscript that meets the standards for publication.


MYR 350per module

Non USM (Local)

MYR 450per module

Non USM (International)

USD 200per module

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PENSYARAH UNIVERSITI DS45 Ph.D (Social and Preventive Medicine), University of Malaya; M.Sc (Epidemiology & Biostatistics), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; B.Sc (Nursing), Universiti Sains Malaysia
Expertise : Public Health (Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine) Nursing (Community Health).

Dr. Eva joined IPPT, USM as a lecturer in 2021, where she teaches Public Health and Research Methodology to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her research focus revolves around translational research in preventing mental health problems and chronic musculoskeletal pain in various populations, including the working population, elderly individuals, and other community settings. Currently, Dr. Eva is conducting an interventional study that explores the effects of mindfulness on workers with low back pain (LBP). The study aims to assess the effectiveness of mindfulness not only in reducing LBP symptoms but also in enhancing mental health and work productivity while considering the associated costs. In addition to her teaching and research responsibilities, Dr. Eva serves as the primary supervisor for one PhD student and one Master's student conducting research. Furthermore, she acts as a co-supervisor for three other postgraduate students in their respective research endeavors. Dr. Eva actively participates in the academic community as a member of the Institut Statistik Malaysia (ISMy). Additionally, she contributes to the scholarly publishing process by reviewing manuscripts for international journals.